What is Canonicalization What is Canonical Tag

What is Canonical Tag?

If you have two pages which exist with the exact same content on your site. Choose which page of the content which you want the search engines to recognize. Using Canonical Tag you can solve this issue. The canonical tag is important in SEO.

You may have different pages with same content for two devices, for example one page for desktop computer and another page for mobile phone. These pages have same content, if you haven't use canonical tag on these pages, search engines will consider these two pages as duplicate. This issue will affect your rankings in result pages. That's why you want to use the canonical tag so that search engines can understand that you have two versions of the same content.

Canonical link element is a html tag. This tag is rendered as part of the HTML making up a link as: rel="canonical", it is placed to help prevent any instances of duplicate content. This tag is extremely important for website.

How to Solve Canonical Issue

The canonical element helps the search engines to determine which of these pages is the original. This allows search engines to properly rank the original page in search results.

How To Use Canonical Tag in Website?

It is quite easy to implement the rel="canonical" tag into a website's HTML code. In HTML web pages, you can add this tag manually within the head section. For WordPress and Blog Website, Yoast SEO plugin will automatically create the canonical tag for each page. This is the easiest way for blog sites.

The Other Advantage Of Canonical Tag

Portal website and e-Commerce site that may have ugly urls without proper structure. It is difficult to do search engine optimization service for those pages. We can solve this issue using canonical tag and search engines will consider the canonical URL as original URL to the web page.

If there is no option to redirect the web page, then you can use canonical tag to solve this issue. For Search engine optimization, it is very much needed.

eCommerce site may have similar content within the product pages across several other parts of the site. In this case, the web-masters can help identify to the search engines the page that will be considered as the preferred page. The page that has the rel=Canonical tag situated within the header of a web page will instruct the search engines what page is the original page.

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