SEO Service for eCommerce Store and Product Pages

Doing search engine optimization service for eCommerce Website is difficult than doing other websites. Reasons the websites have huge number of pages and less textual content. However, if you find SEO service from top rated search engine optimization company in Chennai, your ecommerce websites can be optimised successfully.

How to do SEO for eCommerce Website

Page Content

Adding product description in your ecommerce website is a better optimization method. Do not ignore the importance of product descriptions for your ecommerce website. Search engine spiders do not read images but it reads text description. It is also a good idea to optimize the product descriptions against your target keywords.

Product Names and Navigation

Titles of the products listed on each page provide good scope for SEO. Website navigation is an important part of SEO. So, you need to categorise your products based on different categories and make them easy to locate on your website.

SEO Best Practices for eCommerce Websites

Never copy a product description from other websites not even from the manufacturer's website. Page title, product description and page content should have original and unique content.

Keywords Research

Keywords define the content of your eCommerce website. They are what users search for on Google in order to find a product or service. Therefore, optimizing the ecommerce website by inserting keywords in the page content helps its ranking in search engine result pages. Using Google Keyword Planner you can find out what people are typing in the search bar.

Relevant Backlinks

One of the most important SEO process is having links on other websites that redirect to your business website. This shows search engines how popular the website is which gives a boost in the ranking. There are several off-page SEO to have backlinks to your ecommerce website.

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