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Google Analytics Tool Benefits

Google Analytics is a software tool it is used to show where traffic is coming from to your website and to tell statistics about your site. What many people do not know is that you can use Google Analytics to analyse your website and increase your traffic and more visitors to your site. Google Analytics tool shows very useful statistics for web developers, internet marketers and online business owners. It can track visitors coming from search engines, referring websites, paid search, social networks and people that come to the website direct.

Google Analytics gives you better understanding on how visitors react on your site. It gives you complete details of your website visitors. It shares analytical data that will help you greatly on being aware about visitors to your website. It provides free information about the way visitors to your site interact with it. It shares your SEO campaigns deliver the best return on investment. If you are not confident on the software to find out your internet marketing results, it is good in tracking down results of your internet marketing campaigns.

Analytics tool to check where the traffic on your site is coming from. It is used to find what city they are from, what browser they are using, how long they are staying on your site.

Google Analytics Management Service Provider in Chennai

Traffic Sources > Overview - This lets you know how many people have visited your website and which date they visited your website on. It also tell you the percentage of traffic that was direct visit, search engine traffic, referral, and traffic from social media. You can also use Analytics to track your AdWords campaign.

Traffic Sources > Sources - It allows you to see which website is referring the traffic to your site. It helps you to understand where the traffic is coming from so you can focus more on utilizing your time and effort on the top ranking sites.

Audience > Demographics > Location - Allows you to find out where your visitors are visiting your site from and also how long the average duration is of their visit among other stats.

It can be very beneficial for you if you find out what keywords your users are using to look up your website. On the Analytics dashboard if you first click on Traffic Sources on the Search Engine part, you can find out what keywords your users are using to find your site. It gives you an insight on the keywords that you need to work on and the keywords which you have neglected.

Some Useful Tips to Manage Google Analytics Campaign:

To check where the traffic is coming from and which sites are giving you the most traffic please follow these steps:

Select which site you want to see the stats of in the Google Analytics dashboard. Once you have done this click on Traffic Sources. Once you have done that click on Sources and then click on Referrals. You should now see all the sites that have referred you and which sites are directing more traffic towards you. You can also see how long each user is spending that is coming from that specific site and how many of those users are new.

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to analyse where traffic is coming from on your site and how many visitors are visiting your site among many other countries and cities. If you need help to manage google analytics account, JRL SEO Company provides management services, for more info contact us.